NASSLLI 2012 June 18 - 22

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I can't check open/close times for all of these, but these are the walkable-from-UTC places that I like (or know of):

On campus or might as well be

  • Caffe Medici · They have Taco Deli breakfast tacos until 11 am, usually. Taco Deli is amazing.
  • Cypress Bend Cafe · On-campus cafe
  • Jester City Limits · On-campus food court (just East of the UTC)
  • Texas Union · Other on-campus food court (2247 Guadalupe Street)
  • Dobie Mall · Off-campus food court (2025 Guadalupe) · Pizza, kebabs, Mexican, Chinese
  • The Carillon · Excellent buffet, says Emilie, but slightly pricy: ~$16 / person (in the AT&T center, 1900 University Ave).

Guadalupe, 21st and up (right when coming from the UTC)

Starting from 21st and going further and further away (North).

  • Chipotle · (2230 Guadalupe Street)
  • Which Wich · Sandwiches. Cutesy order process, but inferior to Potbelly's
  • Potbelly Sandwich Works · (2316 Guadalupe Street)
  • Madam Mam's Noodles & More · Probably my favorite joint on the strip (2514 Guadalupe Street)
  • Austin Pizza · (2324 Guadalupe Street)
  • Kismet Cafe · Mediterranean place
  • There's also a CVS, Subway, Starbucks, Qdoba, Pita Pit, Spicy Pickle,
  • Kerbey Lane · quaint Austin-y stereotype. Open 24 hours, but they will glare at you if you go there to work late.
  • The Mellow Mushroom · Rivals Austin Pizza, but I suppose they are very different pizza styles (Mellow is more Chicago-style)
  • VERTS · Kebabs. I kind of question the healthiness that their minimalist branding connotes, but the guys running it are super chill.
  • Spiderhouse · borderline campus-accessible, but amazing. Open until 2 am (kitchen until midnight). (2908 Fruth Street, which is basically 2908 Guadalupe, but a block East.)
  • Still further up: Tom's Tabooley, Wheatsville (grocery store), Thai Kitchen (3009 Guadalupe St, open quite late), Trudy's, Ruby's BBQ, Milto's Mediterranean, and quite a few more.

Guadalupe, South of 21st (left when coming from the UTC)

Starting from 21st and going further and further down.

  • Schlotzsky's Deli · (1915 Guadalupe Street)
  • Bite Mi · Strange and sometimes delicious little Thai sandwich shop (2002 Guadalupe Street)
  • Random others: Veggie Heaven, Flying Falafel & Po' Boys, Domino's Pizza (or some Pizza place like that), Jimmy John's
  • Clay Pit · Definitely a considerable walk down Guadalupe, but worth it. Best walkable-from-campus restaurant.

Other fun strips:

  • Duval and 30th: (just take Speedway up from the PCL---the library with the big plaza beside the UTC): Sao Paulo, Crown & Anchor, Double Dave's, JP's Java
  • ...