NASSLLI 2012 June 18 - 22

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NASSLLI 2014 Announced!

The sixth North American Summer School of Logic, Language, and Information, NASSLLI 2014, will be hosted at the University of Maryland, College Park.

No way!

Yes, way! And it's gonna be awesome!

Dates and more info

See you there!

(That's not there, by the way, that's still here.)


Chris Brown's NASSLLI 2012 Flickr Photoset

Actually, Emilie took a lot of these; most of the Turing Centenary Symposium shots, and many of the Friday-at-Medici shots, are hers. (She doesn't have a Flickr yet, but we're working on that.)

And here are some more from Ed Cormany, Cornell University

And the ones Andy Rogers (Armadillo Research Institute) took

Message from the Director

June 19, 2012


The Turing Centenary Symposium is now open to the public!

Turing Centenary Symposium Speakers

  • Computer Scientist Kevin Knight
  • Linguist Bob King
  • Writer Bruce Sterling

If you're registered at NASSLLI, TLS, or RAIN, you are already guaranteed admission; otherwise, you must register at this page:

Or here, if that link doesn't get you directly there. Simply select "Turing Centenary Symposium" from the list.

Hurry, there are less than 100 tickets left!

Gartenfest, Tuesday night

In other news, all NASSLLI participants are invited to our Gartenfest party tonight at Scholz Garten, from 6:45 to 10:00 pm.

  • Scholz Garten
    1607 San Jacinto, Austin, TX
    Google Map (the location is also on the map on the back of your programs)

Evening lecture, Thursday night

Both NASSLLI participants and the general public are invited to attend an evening lecture that will serve as a great warm-up for the Turing Centenary Symposium on this Thursday night:

Michael Tye - The Turing Test and Its Implications

(Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin)

Thursday, June 21st, at 7:30 pm, UTC 2.102

David Beaver

Director, NASSLLI 2012

Message from the Director

June 18, 2012


Dear NASSLLI people, welcome to Austin!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing all 214 of you at our two opening evening events tonight:
  • Bonnie Webber's talk at 7:30pm will be in the UTC the same building that the classes are in, but on the ground floor, 2.102A.
  • Right after that we'll have reception. We've reserved Cafe Medici on Guadalupe & 21st from 8:30pm — everyone is invited for a well-deserved drink, and optionally to engage in building a lego Turing machine. You, know, geeky ice breaker sort of a thing.

David Beaver

Director, NASSLLI 2012



Monday · 8:00 - 9:00 am, 6:30 - 7:00 pm, and between classes, on UTC 4th floor


  • Are $5 each, and since we don't have as many as there are NASSLLI participants, please only take one. If you want another, please ask on Friday if we have leftovers/extras.
  • Are free for lecturers, presenters, and UT volunteers. Since we don't have terribly many volunteer shirts, though, lecturers should take the plain-ash-grey ones.

NASSLLI Volunteers will be wearing the seafoam-ash-gray t-shirts.


Where the classes are:

Layout of Austin (from the program):

Layout of the UTC (also from the program):

Where the other things are:

Full program (hi-res printable maps on pages 10 and 12):

Message from the Director

June 14, 2012


First, the full program with all NASSLLI class and conference times/locations and maps is now available.

Second, free tickets to the Turing Centenary Symposium are available to UT students, faculty, and staff, while stocks last!

David Beaver

Director, NASSLLI 2012

NASSLLI 2012 course schedule

Each course takes place on of the five weekdays, Monday through Friday, June 18th through June 22nd, 2012. Thus, each course has five sessions, over the duration of the summer school.

Click here to see the extended listing of courses (same courses, more information): NASSLLI 2012 course program


UTC 4.104


UTC 4.110


UTC 4.124

Philosophy & Cognition

UTC 4.132
Questions in Discourse
Surface Reasoning
Stochastic Lambda Calculus and its Applications in Cognitive Science
Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction
Statistical Machine Translation
Meaning as Use: Indexicality, Expressives, and Self-Reference
Inquisitive Semantics
Introduction to Category Theory
Extracting Social Meaning and Sentiment
Belief Revision Meets Formal Learning Theory
Combinatory Categorial Grammars for Robust Natural Language Processing
Social Choice Theory for Logicians
Alternative Paradigms for Computational Semantics
Possible Worlds: A Course in Metaphysics (for Computer Scientists and Linguists)
Type Theory with Records for Natural Language Semantics
An Introduction to Hybrid Logic
Lambda: the ultimate syntax-semantics interface
Vagueness and Context
  • Lunch: 12:10 to 1:20
  • Break: 4:30 to 5:00


Online registration is now closed.

On-site registration is still possible at the NASSLLI Welcome Table in the University Teaching Center (4th floor). Email [email protected] to request information concerning on-site registration times.