NASSLLI 2012 June 18 - 22

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June 14, 2012

First, the full program with all NASSLLI class and conference times/locations and maps is now available.

Second, free tickets to the Turing Centenary Symposium are available to UT students, faculty, and staff, while stocks last!

David Beaver

Director, NASSLLI 2012

June 8, 2012

All systems are go here at NASSLLI HQ! Summer school blast-off is just over a week away, with Bootcamp Courses beginning at 1pm on Sat June 16. We now have 200 participants signed up for what promises to be the most Logic, Language and Information packed week that Texas has ever seen. While we've reached our target numbers, there's still space, and you can register here. If you have any questions about registration, or any other issue, please email [email protected]

Second round scholarships: In addition to the 50 scholarships and 27 fee reductions that were announced in March, we can now announce the availability of at least 12 additional last-minute scholarships. To apply for a scholarship, go to our registration page.

Weekend conferences: Registered NASSLLI participants get free registration for all three weekend conferences, not only the Turing Centenary Symposium, but also the Reasoning and Interaction at NASSLLI (RAIN) and TLS  conferences. Full programs are going live as I write!

Evening events: Evening events at NASSLLI will include plenary lectures by Bonnie Webber (University of Edinburgh) and Michael Tye (UT Philosophy), and the Turing Centenary Symposium with talks by Mike Knight (USC), Bob King (UT), and cyberpunk novelist Bruce Sterling. There will also be a welcome reception on Tuesday June 19 at Scholz Garten, and on the final Friday of the school a party at Cafe Medici. Last big announcement: the Friday party will include live music from the Linguistic Department's amazing dance-til-you-drop band, Gavagai... and just maybe one or two surprise guests.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

David Beaver

Director, NASSLLI 2012

April, 2012

Less than two months to go before NASSLLI blastoff... mission control here in Austin is a hive of activity.

  • Our detailed minute by minute schedule (see below) has just been announced. Web czar and linguistics graduate student Chris Brown created a nifty little program to calculate the optimal schedule based on all the course preferences signed-up participants told us about, and so I can honestly claim that we have the best of all possible NASSLLI schedules. (Well, at least it's a local maximum in the search space.)
  • In yet more good news, we'll be announcing a schedule of bootcamp classes for the first NASSLLI weekend within a week. Watch this space!
  • With our Dean's generous support, we have reserved a clump of adjacent high quality lecture rooms for the school on the UT campus, within walking distance of both our student dorm accommodation and the lecturers' B&B accommodations.
  • If you have a paper to present in the general areas of logic, language and information, you still have time to submit an abstract to the RAIN or TLS conferences. Deadline is in 1 week: see the links below.
  • Some sign-up news: we already have 150 confirmed participants for the school. We expect to cap registrations at 250, so register soon!

David Beaver

Director, NASSLLI 2012

November, 2011

NASSLI 2012 developments continue apace. First, I'm happy to announce two new speakers:

  • Bonnie Webber from the University of Edinburgh, best known for her highly influential NLP work on discourse and dialogue systems, will give an evening lecture during the main school.
  • Martin Davis, Professor Emeritus at NYU, a central figure in the development of computability theory and a student of Alonzo Church's, will give one of the presentations at the Turing Symposium celebrating the centenary of Turing's birth.

Second, check out the NASSLLI poster here: thanks to Chris Brown and Derya Kadipasaoglu for their work on this!

Third: hold on tight, NASSLLI registration will be open within a matter of days.

Fourth, NASSLLI is now on Google+, as promised!

David Beaver
Director, NASSLLI 2012

October, 2011

The big news is that the NASSLLI Program Committee, led by Valeria de Paiva and Carlos Areces, has put together a fantastic program of classes on interdisciplinary topics in CS, Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology, and allied fields. Courses are targeted at graduate students as well as industrial attendees, postdocs, faculty, and advanced undergraduates. So mark your diaries! The school will be opening for registration in a few weeks. Watch this space for more information, or sign up for our Facebook event, Google+ (coming soon!), and Twitter feed.

David Beaver
Director, NASSLLI 2012