NASSLLI 2012 June 18 - 22

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All eighteen courses (plus one workshop) to be offered at NASSLLI 2012

Alexandru Baltag, Institute of Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), University of Amsterdam
Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction
Sonja Smets, Institute of Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), University of Amsterdam
Craige Roberts, The Ohio State University
Questions in Discourse
Noah Goodman, Stanford University
Stochastic Lambda Calculus and its Applications in Cognitive Science
Mark Steedman, University of Edinburgh
Combinatory Categorial Grammars for Robust Natural Language Processing
Christopher Potts, Stanford University
Extracting Social Meaning and Sentiment
Catherine Legg, University of Waikato
Possible Worlds: A Course in Metaphysics (for Computer Scientists and Linguists)
Adam Lopez, Johns Hopkins University
Statistical Machine Translation
Eric Pacuit, Tilburg University
Social Choice Theory for Logicians
Valeria de Paiva, Rearden Commerce
Introduction to Category Theory
Ede Zimmermann, University of Frankfurt
Thomas Icard, Stanford University
Surface Reasoning
Nina Gierasimczuk, University of Amsterdam
Belief Revision Meets Formal Learning Theory
Robin Cooper, Göteborg University
Type Theory with Records for Natural Language Semantics
Jonathan Ginzburg, Université Paris-Diderot
Jeroen Groenendijk, University of Amsterdam
Inquisitive Semantics
Floris Roelofsen, University of Amsterdam
Shalom Lappin, King’s College London
Alternative Paradigms for Computational Semantics
Hans Kamp, University of Texas at Austin
Vagueness and Context
Mark Sainsbury, University of Texas at Austin
Chung-chieh Shan, Cornell University, University of Tsukuba
Lambda: the ultimate syntax-semantics interface
Patrick Blackburn, University of Roskilde
An Introduction to Hybrid Logic
Stephen Wechsler, University of Texas at Austin
Meaning as Use: Indexicality, Expressives, and Self-Reference
Eric McCready, Aoyama Gakuin University