NASSLLI 2012 June 18 - 22

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for NASSLLI?

Registration details are provided on the registration page.

If you have applied for the second round of scholarships, you must still register and pay for NASSLLI. If you are awarded a scholarship, your fee will be refunded.

If you were awarded a first-round scholarship, you need not register, though you should have completed a scholarship acceptance form. Email [email protected] if you're unsure of the status of your scholarship.

How much does NASSLLI registration cost?

There are four rates:

$400 Professional Pay this rate if you have independent funding or a fat wallet.
$175 Academic Pay this rate if you have neither independent funding nor a fat wallet.
$50 UT Affiliate Pay this rate if you are affiliated with UT but prefer not to volunteer.
$0 UT Volunteer Pay nothing if you are affiliated with UT and willing to volunteer.

I'm an undergrad. Can I register for NASSLLI?

Yes, but be sure to look at course pre-requisites to get some idea of what background knowledge will be presupposed. Also, we highly recommend our bootcamp courses on June 16 and 17.

Can I attend RAIN and the Turing Centenary Symposium? What do they cost?

RAIN and the Turing Centenary Symposium are free to NASSLLI participants and do not require independent enrollment. Your NASSLLI badge will allow you to attend these events.

Can I attend TLS? What does it cost?

TLS is free to NASSLLI participants. However, the organizers of TLS ask that you register following the instructions on the TLS website.


How do I apply for reimbursement?

First, save your receipts! (lodging, travel, etc.)

Scholarship recipients will pick up a folder from the Information table on Tuesday to fill out the necessary paperwork in connection with their reimbusements. The University of Indiana will be processing these scholarships. You will return the completed form, along with any necessary documentation, to the Information table. There will be further instructions available in the folder concerning return of documentation.

After the completion of the institute, please send your receipts along with proof of purchase to Clay Collier, [email protected], for processing.


I've made my way from the airport to my lodgings. Now what?

Pick up your welcome packet, which will be available at the following times and locations:

  • Friday, June 15, 5:00-8:00pm, San Jacinto Residence Hall lobby
  • Saturday, June 16, 12:00-1:00 and 5:00-5:30, UTC "first floor" (basement)
  • Sunday, June 17, 9:00-9:30, 12:30-1:00 and 5:00-6:00, UTC "first floor" (basement)
  • Monday, June 18, 8:00-9:00, 10:30-10:40, 12:10-1:20, 2:50-3:00, 4:30-5:00 and 6:30-7:00, UTC "fourth floor" (two floors up from the ground)

What is included in my welcome packet?

A NASSLLI program, a NASSLLI badge, drink tickets for evening events, a guest UTEID for accessing the wireless network, and maybe some other stuff too.

How will I recognize NASSLLI volunteers?

They will be wearing sea-foam-colored NASSLLI t-shirts.

Can I buy a NASSLLI t-shirt?

Yes. They are $5 for participants, but free for lecturers, presenters, and volunteers.


What are the courses? When and where do they meet?

Detailed course descriptions are available here. Check back for frequent course updates.

Courses run Monday to Friday, June 18-22. The detailed schedule is posted here

Courses will meet on the "fourth floor" of the UTC. Room numbers are listed in the program.

What are the bootcamp courses? When and where do they meet?

The bootcamp (Saturday-Sunday, June 16-17) will consist of three intensive courses designed to review material that will be presupposed in many of the weekday courses. All bootcamp courses will meet in the UTC basement (the "first floor").

Course descriptions, schedules and room numbers are available here.

How do I sign up for the specific courses I want to take?

Most participants have already received an email invitation to complete a course registration form. However, we will be distributing a final registration form by email in the very near future, taking into account recent developments in the NASSLLI schedule.

On Campus Accommodation

Can I stay on campus?

Yes. We have reserved a block of rooms in the San Jacinto Residence Hall. As of June 14, rooms are still available.

Do San Jacinto Residence Hall rooms have private bathrooms and showers?

Yes, each room has its own bathroom and shower.

What's the cost of accommodation in the San Jacinto Residence Hall?

A single occupancy room is $70 per night, and a double occupancy room is $35 per person per night.

Can I share a double occupancy room with my significant other?

It's complicated.

If you are married to your significant other, yes. Simply complete a roommate request for your spouse.

If you are the same gender as your significant other, yes. Simply complete a roommate request for your significant other.

If you are not the same gender as your significant other and you are unmarried, then no, you cannot share a double occupancy room with your significant other. We're told that this policy exists because the San Jacinto Residence Hall receives public funding from the state of Texas.

I'd like a double room, but I am travelling alone. What can I do?

Simply reserve a double room without supplying a roommate request. You will be automatically paired with another NASSLLI participant of the same gender.

I'm arriving on June 15/16/17. What time is check-in? How does it work?

The official check-in interval is from 1pm to 9pm daily. However, we're told that guests may check-in until the outer doors lock at 11pm.

Enter the residence hall through the main doors. Tell the residence hall staff member at the front desk that you have a reservation with NASSLLI.

Where are the main doors to the San Jacinto Residence Hall?

The main doors are located on the west side of the building (opposite San Jacinto Boulevard). If you walk uphill on 21st (i.e., west, which happens to be the only direction you can walk on 21st), you will see a pedestrian boulevard on your left. It will lead you to the main entrance to the residence hall.

I'm departing on June 22/23/24/25. What time is check-out? How does it work?

You must complete check-out prior to 2pm on the day of your departure. You should check-out with a residence staff member at the front desk.

How do I get from the residence hall to the UTC?

Walk west on 21st Street (up the hill). After you pass Speedway, look for the UTC escalators on your left, just past the large library.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Can I stay off-campus with a local host?

We have provided hosts for a small number of participants. However, we have now exhausted our supply of hosts. An alternative for the adventurous spirit is If you choose to stay off campus, be sure to consider your transportation options.

See the accommodations page for more details.


I'm an instructor or invited speaker. How do I get from the airport to my lodging (and vice versa)?

If you would like to request a ride from a volunteer, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Airport transportation request" and include your flight numbers and arrival/departure dates and times.

Otherwise, taxis and buses are available (see immediately below for details).

I'm a participant. How do I get from the airport to my lodging (and vice versa)?

If you're staying on campus, you're in luck. The "Airport Flyer" (Bus #100) will take you from the airport directly to the San Jacinto Residence hall. Your stop is 21st and San Jacinto. Cost is $1.

If you're staying off campus, you might use Google maps or the Capital Metro site to plan a bus route. Otherwise, taxis are available at the airport. Expect to pay around $30 for a taxi from the airport to central Austin.

How do I get around town?

Use Google Maps or the Capital Metro site to plan bus routes. Or rent a bike.


How should I dress?

Dress comfortably. Wear good walking shoes. Plan for temperatures from roughly 70-100F (20-40C). If we're lucky we'll have occasional cool breezes and brief showers. It's a good idea to bring an umbrella; if it doesn't rain, you can use it for shade.

Should I bring a swim suit?

Why not?

What else?

A canteen for water and a travel mug for coffee and tea.

A combination lock, if you've got one. There are lockers in the UTC, but if you want to store your valuables there (say, while you're at lunch), you must provide your own combination lock.

And if you hope to rent or borrow a bicycle, you should bring bike lights, a helmet and whatever other gear you want to use. Most bike rental services will provide a bike lock.


Food and Drinks?


What else?